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Michael Parker


My objective is to obtain a position as a Head Soccer Coach and Director of Coaching position with an organization that believes in player development, the highest technical standards, modern training methods, fun fair play, everyone plays, academic achievement, and integrity (sportsmanship) as core program philosophies.


Member of AYSO since 2009
Member of U.S.S.F. since 2017


Bachelor's Degree in Business (2003) 
St. Martins University, WA  

Coaching Certifications

United States Soccer Federation (USSF)
              USSF - National 'F' Licensed Coach completed December, 2016
 USSF - National 'E' Licensed Coach completed March, 2017
American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)
 U-12 Coaching Course completed 2009
 Intermediate Coaching Course completed 2012
 Advanced Coaching Course completed 2012
 Regional Referee Training completed 2011


Players learn the most by playing.  I am here to develop players in practice and games.  I am looking for players to positively contribute to the success of the team as a whole.  I will constantly be looking to help the players understand that I will know them by their actions, preparation and attitude before, during and after practice leading up to games. The game each week is a simple measuring stick from one week to the next to examine our development as a team and as individuals.  Some of the traits I am looking for include: technical skills (passing, dribbling, etc.) positive attitude, courage, respect for teammates and the game, composed thinking, preparedness, creativity, understanding of player role, coachability and fitness.

 I aim to create an environment in which my players feel safe and comfortable to explore the game at their own pace. In practice or games, I give guidance to players. However, I avoid simply giving them the answer. I allow players to learn from their mistakes. Sometimes it’s done by not saying anything at all, while other times I will ask them to walk me through their thought process.  I understand that all players learn in different ways. I appreciate that players are all at varying levels cognitively, physically and emotionally. Taking this into account, I create an environment that provides structure, but — more importantly — provides space for exploration. I try to focus on the player’s effort and praise positive behavior not just the end result. Ultimately, this way, players are more engaged, more excited and have a blast as they learn. I try to build vital character traits — self-esteem, effort, perseverance, mental toughness, decision making, teamwork, etc. —whilst improving their knowledge of the game. So we are not just creating good quality soccer players, we are building well-rounded young people. 

 I will ensure a safe and enjoyable environment to play soccer and for players to have fun while doing so.  The objective of the game is to have fun – but fun within the context of playing at a very competitive level of soccer.  From a development perspective, winning must be accomplished through good training, teamwork and intensity. My development philosophy includes the development of the complete player – which includes their level of intensity and willingness to truly play a contact sport and be willing to except the physical demands of the game, as well as the development of the fundamental skills required to execute in the game.  The fundamentals of the game are too often over looked.  I expect players to set goals and we will work towards achieving them together. Soccer is ultimately a team sport and at the highest levels, team chemistry is critical to success.   There is much to be learned through teamwork. My job is to develop players, because any system, tactic or team is only as good as the individual players within it. 

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing” – Pele


  • Excellent knowledge of soccer and game techniques
  • Strong training and supervising skills
  • Remarkable motivating and coordination skills
  • Skilled in recognizing and working on players' weakness and strengths
  • Ability to develop customized training sessions for a single player and the entire team
  • Outstanding leadership skills with tremendous potential to produce results 


Won three State Titles in 2015(19U), 2016(19U), 2016(14U)

City Champions 2013 (14U), 2014(14U), 2009(12U), 2008 (14U), 2006 (12U), 2005 (10U)

2nd in State 2010 (19U), 2011(14U), 2011 (19U)


Head Soccer Coach
American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO), Madison, AL 

Duration: Aug 2015 - Present (12U thru 19U)

  • Provide and demonstrate tactical aspects of the game
  • Maintain order, control, and effective discipline on the soccer field
  • Evaluate and assess individual/team performance on the soccer field
  • Discovered and properly identified training tools and techniques to improve athletic performance
  • Film study of game situations to improve tactical knowledge
  • Emphasize conditioning, fundamentals, teamwork, strategy, and having fun
  • Arrange for recreational and team building activities for the team members

Head Soccer Coach Positions (with same experience listed above)
Child & Youth Soccer (CYS), Fort Leonard Wood, MO 

Duration: August 2012 – Dec 2014 (14U)

Head Soccer Coach
American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO), Madison, AL 

Duration: Aug 2009 – Aug 2012 (12U thru 19U)

Head Soccer Coach Positions 
Child & Youth Soccer (CYS), Fort Leavenworth, KS 

Duration: August 2006 – Dec 2009 (12U thru 14U)

Head Soccer Coach Positions 
Child & Youth Soccer (CYS), Fort Riley, KS 

Duration: August 2003 – Dec 2006 (10U thru 12U)

Head Soccer Coach Positions 
Child & Youth Soccer (CYS), Fort Lewis, WA 

Duration: August 2000 – Dec 2003 (8U thru 10U)

Assistant Soccer Coach (Varsity)
Lewis Palmer High School, Monument CO 

Duration: October 1997 - 1999 

  • Assisted the head coach in coaching the soccer team and performing other duties as instructed
  • Supported the head coach in devising game plans, strategies and tactics. Explain the same to players and resolve their doubts and queries
  • Observed the exercising and fitness regimes of the players and ensure the players follow the instructions sincerely with regards to time, repetition and techniques
  • Set up the equipment and sporting gear, as required to conduct practice sessions
  • Arranged for recreational and team building activities for the team members

Assistant Soccer Coach 
Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO 

October 1996 - October 1997

  • Trained the soccer team in playing soccer and make consistent efforts to upgrade their performance
  • Studied the opponents game and jot down important points to be considered in strategizing sessions
  • Instructed players on accurate game techniques and correct their faults and mistakes, if any
  • Prepared and distribute copies of game schedules, practice sessions, and workout modules
  • Liaised between the head coach and the players at pre-game and post-game meetings 

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