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What is AYSO United?

AYSO United is the official club program of American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). AYSO United flips the soccer building blocks upside down by prioritizing psychosocial development as the starting point to technical, tactical and physical advancement. 

What benefits will AYSO United members receive?

Being part of the official AYSO United club means you’re a member of “The World’s Biggest Soccer Club.” As a member of AYSO United, you are part of a program that is committed to Player Development, Coaching Education and an affiliate member of U.S. Soccer. 

Our players are placed in a positive learning environment based on a year-round player centered training experience; designed to focus on all aspects of player development. Each AYSO United player will be exposed to our year-round periodization program designed to allow the player to reach their full potential while enjoying meaningful games through competitive league play (Alabama Soccer Association) and selected appropriate tournament play.

How is AYSO United different than AYSO’s Core and EXTRA programs?

AYSO United’s primary difference is that each team is formed through a formal try-out process and will compete in U.S. Club or USYS gaming circuits, which are external of AYSO game rules. 

AYSO United’s Coaching education pathway is designed to create a developmental path for our AYSO and AYSO United Coaches as we create a positive learning environment for our players.

Our coaches are placed in an environment where development is prioritized over winning and players are required to play 50% playing time. This structure ensures that coaches can develop players and teams without outside pressure as they look to create the ultimate development experience.

We encourage professional growth and continued education both in AYSO, USSF, and other coaching education programs.

How is AYSO United different from other club soccer programs?

What makes AYSO United different from other clubs is our Six Philosophies and the integrity of staying within those Philosophies. Our teams aren’t motivated by large rosters and a win at all costs mentality. If a player is selected to play for AYSO United, the coach will strive to ensure that a player receives 50 percent playing.

AYSO United Coaches will focus on developmental training philosophies which fall in line with our U.S. Soccer approved curriculum. U.S. Soccer’s Zone 1 initiatives fall directly in line with AYSO’s “Development over Winning” approach to our club program.  We want to win…but respect and appreciate the entire process of competition.

What can we expect in the future from AYSO United?

AYSO United will see tremendous growth as a program while developing some of the top players and teams in its respective locations. Our coaches will be tremendous role models and teachers to our players and our Club Leaders will foster a community experience to ensure everyone associated with AYSO is proud of the United program.

What Can I expect from AYSO United Coaches?

AYSO United is built upon the traditional Six Philosophies of AYSO, which emphasize the commitment to and development of the player rather than the results of the game. Some attributes of an AYSO United coach:

Have National coaching licenses
Positive Role Models
Prepared and organized
Provide a minimum of 50% game time to every player
Continuous Learners
Respectful to officials
Respectful to opponents
Produce age-specific year-round development plans
Tactically knowledgeable

Why is focusing on player development first so important to AYSO United?

The American Youth Soccer Organization has always been about the player and creating an environment where players feel valued. The United program recognizes that winning is a by-product of quality players and our focus is on developing quality youth soccer players. Players, teams and even coaches are often judged on results and at the youth level that is counter-productive. Ultimately this hurts the overall development of top-class players. Achieving results is important but we value development as a higher priority in our club. Developing a love for the game, having fun, and creating well-rounded players are key components.

How does AYSO United prioritize player development?

Our club structure, from David Thomas (AYSO United National Director) and Robbie Earle (UEFA Pro Licensed AYSO United Technical Director) to our local Club Leaders, is all about creating a player-centric environment.

Our National Director of Coaching, Paul Bright, a UEFA A Licensed and USSF Coach Instructor, brings decades of experience as a soccer coach with an expertise in coaching methods, strategies, and tactics accrued by working with professional soccer clubs and organizations.

Bright’s extensive professional experience includes eight years as an Academy Coach at Manchester United, roles with The Football Association as FA Skills Team Manager and Coach Educator, Academy Manager at FC United of Manchester and Youth Development Phase Coach at Oldham Athletic.

Additionally, Bright has a background in education, teaching undergraduate degree programs in Sports Coaching at The Manchester College, where he was Head of Coaching for the men’s and women’s college soccer programs that competed in the England Colleges FA. Currently, he serves as the Technical Director for The Coaching Manual, an industry-leading coaching and educational platform.

Our responsibility at AYSO United Alabama is to provide our coaches with tools and support to ensure that our focus remains on the player. Our players and coaches value success but we understand the proper way to achieve our goals.

Does AYSO United Support ODP?

Yes! Olympic Development Program, Region III, and U.S. National Training Centers are opportunities for players to be seen by Regional and National scouts for entrance into the U.S. National Team Scouting & Training System.  Players must contact their coach when issues arise with respect to these events as they may take precedence over club events.

How much does AYSO United cost?

There are additional costs associated with the club experience (league, tournament, referee, coaching, fields, uniform fees); however, as a National Organization our goal is to make the club experience cost effective for our families. Please reach out to the Club Administrator (Club Pages) for their individual Club fee.

When does the season start and end?

The official fall season start date for practices is July 15 for most teams. However, coaches may start earlier with approval from the Club President. For most teams, the season will end with the State tournament in early to mid November. Division I and II teams may play into December to finish their State obligation.  AYSO United is committed to a full year of programming so teams are offered opportunities to play through the winter and spring seasons.

Where are practices?

The AYSO United does not own or operate a set of fields. Most practice session are held at Palmer Park, Madison, AL.

How often are practices and games?

Teams will practice at least twice a week with at least one game per week during the season (Unless the team decides to avoid holidays). The older and more competitive teams will train at least three times per week and as necessary to compete at their level. Practice and game activity is handled at the team level with minimums set by the DOC.

How much travel is involved?

Travel commitments are determined by each teams Coach.  Our Club Leaders encourage all teams to participate in their respective State Tournament.  Teams in the U12 and below ages typically attend tournaments within 100 miles.  Older teams will typically travel 2-3 times with overnight stays and distance will be determined by competitive goals. Our top teams within the older age groups will travel as necessary to find the level of desired competition.

What if my child plays multiple sports in the fall? How do the coaches view this?

Alabama has determined that Soccer is a fall sport. As such, coaches do not expect any conflicts during this time. Any indoor or spring season for younger teams is secondary to the prominent sport(s) at that time. Coaches should have understanding in these off-season opportunities to continue soccer and still allow play of the primary sport of that season. Older teams will expect a higher level of commitment, and your long-term interest in the game of soccer will weigh into the decision forming teams.

Is there a spring season?

Spring leagues are available and encouraged for U14 and younger age groups.  Older age groups are consumed in their High School leagues and the State forbids any play for a school and club at the same time. Middle school players could be affected as well if their school offers a program and the player elects to participate in their school program. 

Is there a winter season?

Indoor seasons are available for U14 and younger age groups. This is a great time to improve on your personal touch and small-sided game tactics. Indoor is on a volunteer basis and many times we combine teams to allow all those interested an opportunity to play.

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